Lease Equipment with Window Cleaning Depot

Leasing Calculator

Window Cleaning Depot offers leasing options via Equilease for equipment purchasing. It is a great opportunity for our customers to obtain needed equipment fast and without hidden fees. 


Terms of Leasing

  • Purchase price: minimum $1,500
  • Lease period: from 24 to 66 months
  • On Approved Credit
  • Advance payment for the first and last months of the leasing period

Advantages of Leasing with Window Cleaning Depot

  • Ability to fully finance your equipment
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • No hidden or unexpected fees
  • Fixed allowable monthly payments instead of one formidable purchase
  • Most businesses improve their cash-flow with the help of leasing opportunities

The process of obtaining leasing

1. Customer submits a lease application on Equilease.

2. Equilease reviews the application.

3. If the application is approved, the lease agreement is prepared. 

4. After delivering the equipment, Equilease starts to bill customer based on the lease payments and schedule.

Who can lease equipment

Any consumer, company, sole proprietorship or organization can lease equipment. However, individuals cannot lease equipment via Equilease in Quebec. 


It is mandatory to have insurance that covers leasing equipment. Insurance can be organized via Equilease.