• Bonzo shoe cover heavy duty
Bonzo shoe cover heavy duty

BlueMed Azure Shoe Cover

Manufactured by : BlueMed


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Description :

  • The Azure Classic disposable shoe covers are an excellent choice when protection is a priority. They are made with a polypropylene fabric, bonded with a non-skid polyethylene film. The inner layer is absorbent, antistatic and insulating, while the outer layer is anti-skid and waterproof. These shoe covers are low linting and stand out with their rich ocean blue colour.
  • Benefits:
    • The Azure Classic’s superior durable and waterproof characteristics offer the ultimate protection against cross-contamination. They are excellent for industries like pharmaceutical, medical (OR), animal labs, technology, etc.
  • Versatility and fit:
    • These shoe covers are available Universal size, and they come packaged in dispenser boxes.