Lifeline (Safety) Superline Rope

Lifeline (Safety) Superline Rope



  • $101.99

  • 3 strand rope, which features 40% higher tensile strength & less stretch than mono-polypropylene. No loss of strength when wet.
  • Excellent resistance to acids & alkalis. The Sima extrusion process blends polypropylene and high modulus polyethylene resins to produce the copolymer fibre used in making SuperPro® ropes.
  • SuperPro® is 35% stronger and has many times the abrasion resistance of conventional polypropylene products, with low-elongation characteristics equivalent to pure polyester.
  • Testing shows that SuperPro® significantly outperforms other "blended olefin" fibers that are extruded using processes other than Sima.
  • SuperPro® co-polymer rope offers the best performance-price value. Arctic blue with a single orange tracer.

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