Moerman Excelerator Handle Swivel



  • $283.80

Already branded as being the fastest squeegee in the world, the EXCELERATOR is a remarkable new window cleaning handle in our product range. You can set the EXCELERATOR to a 10°, 25° or 40° angle depending on the type of window frame and height, possible obstacles, challenging angles or just your own personal preference.
  • ​Adaptable angle 10° - 25° - 40°
  • Fast and smooth swivel movement
  • Swivel lock button 
  • Ideal for high or low reach use
  • Light ergonomic bi-component grip
  • Easy on/off for telepole with safety hole
  • Part of the Ultimate Squeegee EASE system
  • Fits every channel, from standard to LIQUIDATOR 2.0

 Used as a rigid squeegee it evenly distributes the pressure along the channel. Used as a pivot, its dynamics will let you sweep the window at a crazy speed. 



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